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AGP Arms 10/22 Folding Stock Kit Gen2 Blem

AGP Arms 10/22 Folding Stock Kit Gen2 Blem

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Product Description

From time to time we will have slightly blemished parts that we feel are not perfect and will sell them at a reduced price.  These fit and function perfectly, however may have cosmetic blemishes.  

Introducing our Generation 2 lightweight and compact Folding Stock assembly for all 10/22 designed rifles. This stock can be fitted to the standard 10/22 that we have all grown to love for decades and will also fit Ruger's Factory Takedown Model.  This assembly features a right side folding stock with a push button latch that allows un-hindered operation for both right and left handed users. The comb height (cheek rest) is a little higher than stock and intended for use with aftermarket sights and optics.

The rear stock section incorporates a built-in convenient storage comparment captivated by a polymer end cap.  You can choose no butt pad or we offer 1/2" and 1" butt pads that screw to the rear section.

The receiver section installs easily with one screw and features a pistol grip with contoured and textured finger grooves.

If you have Ruger's Factory Takedown Rifle, the optional handguard section installs easily to the factory barrel with one screw.  We offer a Quick Disconnect socket standard on the bottom front of the handguard to allow a sling or quick detach mount for accessories such as a bipod or foregrip.  Included with the handguard option are two Picatinny Rail attachments with seven slots to allow standard flashlight, red dot, and other accessories.

All parts are constructed with Glass Filled Nylon for the utmost in strength.

Equipped with one common QD Sling Swivel Socket mount installed in the front of the Butt Stock.  We offer an optional additional QD Socket.

Length of pull 11.75" with no butt pad

Length of pull 12.25" with 1/2" butt pad

Length of pull 12.75" with 1" butt pad

Weight: 1lb. 3oz. for the the rear stock assembly

Weight: 1lb. 14oz. for the stock assembly with 1" butt pad Takedown Handguard and Picatinny Rail attachments

Available in Black and Tan (Dark Earth). 

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  1. Sticky Magazine 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2nd Jul 2018)

    The Good. Solid construction and firm jiggle-free lock-up with stock extended. The extended forearm mounts solidly and should prove worthy of a laser.
    The Bad. It's heavy. This is a good thing when shooting offhand but a bad thing if you are backpacking.
    The Ugly. Magazine release is problematic. 10 round magazines have to be pushed out from the top with the bolt held back. I have seen this with other aftermarket plastic stocks. Ruger's factory synthetic stock has a special bevel at the back of the magazine well to correct this problem. This too can be overcome with the judicious use of a Dremel tool.

  2. great sock! fit great, feels great, looks great, shoots great. made in the u.s.a. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 17th Apr 2018)

    Great american made product

  3. Folding Stock for a Working Ruger 1022 Takedown 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Mar 2018)

    I opted to order one the offered blem folding stock together with the forearm for my Ruger 1022 takedown. This is in anticipation to the rough and hard use of that rifle ahead. My thinking was a bit of minor cosmetic flaw would be acceptable since it will collect dings and scratches later on. Was a bit lucky and happy when I received the stock. You won't notice at all that it's a blem unless you look real hard. Just a bit of mottling like surface above the pistol grip. The forearm needs some fitting with the barrel but that was the way I like it. I was able to fit my barrel more precise than the stock Ruger forearm. The construction is also very robust! All in all I am very happy and will be taking it to the range once I receive my optics. By the way delivery was relatively fast also.

  4. lived it! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Mar 2018)

    Great vitality and firm but easy manipulating of the folding feature. Good mount options. Better than expected!

  5. Wish comb height was lower/adjustable. The many 'add-on' options painfully remind you of what should be included in the first place 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Feb 2018)


    Preface: Please read knowing that I have very specific idea of a 100% perfect setup/stock in mind. My review focuses on pros of cons of this AGP and how close it comes to matching my fictional perfect stock. I cannot fault the product as-designed and the rating reflect overall fit and function as it stands. Below are some of my exploratory opinions of how it would better suit my ideal stock the 'AGP Gen III' and I few things I would change about the stock and also a small thing or two about it's current pricing

    So my perfect stock would be for K.I.S.S. backpacking with standard (non-takedown) 10/22. It would be the absolute lightest possible folding stock that also allows use alignment of the factory lower profile iron sights. It would have an integrated stub or short forend that would not borrow existing parts from the Takedown handguard AGP already makes, bypassing the heavy billet T-Block. I have no need or desire for more increased weight or complications that *any* other optics bring. Clamp on style or aftermarket aperture sights (with rear on receiver, front on front barrel post even) are no-go for me and can get budged and when the sights are not attached to a single plane (both on barrel) there is more variables introduced with inadvertent rough handling. YMMV. Now, while this AGP stock *does* meets 80% my needs it is still not what I would need in a perfect stock.

    The Good:
    Stock is lightweight, rock solid locking mechanism and swinging motion. Blemish non-existent. Baffling how lightweight it is for it size and sturdiness. Easily the best folding stock for Ruger 10/22. Would feel equally at home on much more expensive guns.

    While this website shows pictures of this stock wearing a factory barrel, be advised that factory profile iron sights are WAY too low for this stock. Yes of course description mentions this, but sometimes things can tweaked just enough to work out. Nope. My eye needs to drop approx 1.25" to align with the factory sights. I carefully compared this stock's comb to the bore line using lines and photos of my old stock. While both stock's comb height appear similar in photos in person this stock provides a MUCH higher comb height/cheek position than my old stock. Certainly both Tech Sights and NDS sights would be closer to a comfortable sight height, and maybe somebody can comment who is using this setup. Basically if you want this stock just be willing to adjust your sights/optics to accommodate this stock, not the other way around. Again nothing I didn't know about this stock and certainly my own ignorance and have no qualms against the stock in that regard. Lastly it could indeed fold left like others have said but didn't bother me too much. Who uses this with the stock folded? and to the right it doesnt hinder usage. Think of the folded stock like a roll bar for your charging handle from getting dinged or snagged in transportation

    The Bad:
    I really wished this stock had removable cheek piece to make it higher/slightly heavier only if you *wanted* to use a scope or higher profile iron sights. That would make it perfect for my needs. Heck even make it folding, adjustable comb/LOP and charge $250 for it. Short of filing the upper half of the stock tube, you are out of luck to get a lower comb height with this stock. To use *any* sighting system (besides factory sights) with this stock requires that you add weight in rails/scopes/red dot/ghost ring style sights etc. For my needs that is trading in K.I.S.S. for unnecessary/unreliable/battery dependent electronic optical 'gimmicks' or perhaps you find and optic it's dead-nuts reliable, non electronic, but then the rifle becomes less compact, gains prohibitive weight, and perhaps even exceeds the optical limitations or price point of the host 22LR itself. Sigh. And 11.75" LOP as starting point really? Lol. The 1" buttpad should not be an add on and if it is it should certainly not be north of $10. IMHO make it solid molded to 12.5" LOP and do .5" incremental add-ons from there. That's a better starting point for legitimate use with winter clothing not to mention tactical vest wearing breeds. Larger customers need not apply here with a max LOP of only 12.75". The super thin butt of the stock promises very little to DIY'er who could otherwise rig up some custom spacing system on their own

    The Ugly:
    I like the look of AGP products and on paper or priced separately they are very eye-catching. When you sit down ad add up what you need to have a 'full' stock on your 'standard' rifle it can get a little crazy; folding stock+handguard+T Block adapter+1" recoil pad+two picatinny rails. Not to even mention QD sockets. You quickly approach or even exceed retail price of an entire new 10/22. If it wasn't for the 10/22 takedown's accessorization, err I mean 'existence', would AGP even be produce offer a 'full' stock for the 'standard' rifle? Even at $120 it would be worthwhile IMO; purpose-built, probably a half pound lighter, and not just some bolt-on adaption derived from the takedown to simultaneously please both breeds of 10/22. I would argue a folding stock on even a full size 10/22 nearly negates this entire gimmicky takedown concept entirely.

    Currently you will need between 3-6 individual 'parts' from AGP to have a full stock the way you want it if you have a 'standard' rifle. It's what we have so if we want it we will pay. Hopefully AGP can see that there's a market for several variations on their stock. Thank you and I hope you will find any criticism herein has been constructive and above all, keep up the good work!

    Overall rating 3.75/5

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