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Phone System Is Down Until Further Notice

Unfortunately our old reliable PBX phone system became unreliable around 3pm Arizona time on Monday. When I say unreliable, I really mean it gave some smoke signals before it decided to wipe itself out and take all the connected extension phones with it. Needless to say, we currently do not have a working phone system. Luckily, we took a technology step forward today and plugged in some 1990's cordless phones into a couple of temporary analog lines. Please be patient with us as we evaluate, test, install and configure a new system and get back to year 2003.

Until our new system is up and running, you will not get an answering service, correct call routing, transfers to other extensions, or that awesome hold music you call everyday just to hear.

We appreciate your continued business and we value each and every one of you greatly; except for Darrell - we don't like him.