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  • AGP Arms Rubber Butt Pad
    This is the rubber butt pad that attaches to the AGP Arms Side Folding Stock. This pad is available in two thicknesses. Mounting screws included.
  • AGP Arms Saiga-12 10 Round Magazine Internal Parts
    These are the latest version of the three internal parts for the AGP Arms 10 Round magazine for the Saiga-12. This consists of the follower, locking plate, and floor plate. This includes the “GEN 2” marked...
  • AGP Arms Saiga-12 10 Round Magazine Spring
    This is a replacement spring for the AGP Arms 10 Round Magazine for the Saiga-12. The service limit for the springs when used in the 10rd mags is determined by measuring the free length of the spring. You simply take the...
  • AGP Arms Saiga-12 External Floorplate
    So you love your Saiga-12 and all the AGP 10 round magazines you have for it, but you've always wanted a few mags that were a little shorter. Now there is an inexpensive solution. The external floorplate is made from glass...
  • 6, 8, and 10 round magazine
    US made High Capacity magazine for the Saiga-12 shotgun. This counts as 3 US made parts and is marked "USA" on the body, follower and floorplate. It is made from glass filled Nylon for the utmost in strength...
  • AGP Arms Saiga-12 Magazine Feed Lip Clip
    This is the feel lip clip for the AGP Arms 10 Round Magazine for the Saiga-12. This part is made from spring steel and has a black-oxide coated finished. The feed lip clip will also fit the factory 5 and 8 round magazines...
  • AGP Arms Folding Stock End Cap
    This is the plug for the storage compartment in the front of the AGP Butt Stock. If you have broken your End Cap here you can purchase a replacement. AGP Folding Stocks come preassembled with an End Cap, so you don't need...
  • AGP Arms Folding Stock Quick Disconnect Socket for Sling Mount
    Want to add a QD Sling Mount to your AGP Folding Butt Stock? This Quick Disconnect Socket includes a Countersunk Fastener to attach it to your Butt Stock. Accepts common QD Sling Couplers. AGP Folding Stocks come...

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